Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Time Tunnel: Museo de América

"More, please." Museo de América, Madrid. I didn't write down the origin of this contemporary-looking artifact, but it (she?) dates back centuries through the mists of time. 

I did note that beyond the big three of most-repeated names (Inca, Maya, Aztec), many other (sometimes related or connected) cultures and peoples are represented, too. The Moche and Chimú, for example (Peru, 100-1470 A.D. between the two) and the Colima and Mixtex (México).
Museo de América as Time Tunnel. There might be ancient or future cosmonauts down that way, encased in suspended animation. More will be revealed.
I think this little cavy or guinea pig figurine is Chimú (circa 1100-1470 A.D.), possibly an early reconnaissance drone, candle holder or hookah-type device. 
Vaulted brick ceiling ~ Museo de América.
Detail of the Madrid Codex, Museo de América. Cosmonaut-Dude-King appears to be counting gold or handling dice like Boss Hogg on Dukes of Hazzard while another Dude shakes a stick at him, or pays his dues, I'm guessing. Only the Shadow knows for sure.  
Textile and gold objects in a darkened interior, Museo de América.
Shiny helmets, Museo de América (detail from previous interior). You may not be an archaeologist, but surely you can dig this scene. 

Today's Rune: Warrior. 


Barbara Bruederlin said...

This looks like a wonderful museum. I love that vaulted brick ceiling! I wonder if I can install one in my living room ...?

Charles Gramlich said...

The sheer numbers of tribes and groupings in the Americas before Europeans came is just stunning.

the walking man said...

The sheer numbers of tribes that were almost made extinct once europeans came makes it a surporise that any artifacts still exist.