Saturday, August 09, 2014

Get On Up

It's 104 degrees out in North Texas - what do ya do? In the American tradition that goes back just under 100 years, I headed for an air-conditioned movie theater! 

Get On Up (2014) -- aka "The James Brown Story" - directed by Tate Taylor and starring Chadwick Boseman, occupies the same ballpark as Oliver Stone's The Doors (1991 -- with Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison) and Olivier Dahan's La Môme / La Vie en Rose (2007 -- with Marion Cotillard as Édith Piaf). It offers a similarly telesoped and kaleidoscopic -- and necessarily streamlined -- vision of the artistic star of the show, set within some kind of social and historical context. In each example, the genius-talent aspect of the star remains mysterious  -- God-given or lucky, or both -- but the human element is shown as comprehensible. Of these three biopics, I liked the lead actor and historical character in all of them, but Get On Up provides the best overall experience -- at least it did for me. 

Let it be known that I was a serious fan of Édith Piaf, Jim Morrison and James Brown going in and remained one coming out, but I also felt enriched by these cinematic perspectives. 

Hot outside? Check out Get On Up, if possible, in a movie house that sports a powerful sound system. No kidding: the musical experience alone would be worth the effort.

Rune: The Self. 


t said...

I know your love for Marion Cotillard, so this must be a really good film. Can't believe it's been seven years since I watched La Vie En Rose. Woah, time flies.

Erik Donald France said...

Hey, t., cheers ~! I still think Marion Cotillard is quite stunning. 'Get On Up' does some odd things, like break the fourth wall of the film several times - interesting.

jodi said...

Erik I saw JB once and will surely not miss this one!