Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Spanish Civil War: A Documentary (Part I)

The Spanish Civil War (Brother Against Brother).  Written, Produced, Directed and Narrated by Mike Leighton; Cromwell Productions, 1995 (2001 DVD). With informal subtitle: The Last Great Cause.

This is another good documentary on the conflict that's packed with archival footage. Includes interviews with British survivors of the International Brigades, and historical context by Richard Robinson, author of Origins of Franco's Spain: The Right, the Republic and the Revolution, 1931-36 (1970). An additional slant is in the use of poetry to accompany war images. As in many complementary documentaries, there is an absence of pro-Franco interview footage, something that would be equally fascinating to ponder.  
Pictured here: defenders of the Republic in Madrid, 1936. Franco's side was far more conservative in its approach to the "proper role of women in society." As of 2014 -- with the victorious Franco dead for 39 years -- one can again see in Madrid significant numbers of women in uniform: police, museum guards, transit workers and so on. Franco must be turning in his grave!

Here's a chapter breakdown for The Spanish Civil War, which runs just under an hour:

1. Introduction
2. The International Brigades
3. The Anarchist Movement
4. Franco Declares Martial Law
5. Siege of the Alcázar in Toledo
6. The Battle of Madrid
7. Las Pasionaria [Dolores Ibárruri]
8. Italian and German Air Strikes
9. The Non-Intervention Policy
10. Terrible Conditions of the War
11. The Bombing of Guernica
12. The Battle of Brunete
13. Dispelled Idealism
14. The Republican Attack on Teruel
15. The Italian Bombing of Barcelona
16. The Battle of the River Ebro
17. The Munich Agreement
18. Ernest Hemingway’s Role in the War
19. Republican Defeat
20. Credits

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