Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Battle of Nashville 150th (1864-2014)

A sequel disaster to the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee, the Battle of Nashville took place on December 15-16, 1864. Once again, Corporal Samuel France, my paternal great great grandfather, served with Company E of the 31st Indiana Regiment on the Union side. Part of Wood's Corps, the 31st participated in attacks that routed the Confederate Army of Tennessee, poorly led here by John Bell Hood -- who later blamed his own men for his defeat. The Union side lost about 3,000 casualties, the Confederates, about 6,500 (including many overrun and captured). The battlefield was cold and muddy, a horrible thing now mostly forgotten. Let us here remember. 

Today's Rune: Signals.

p.s. the 31st Indiana lost eighteen casualties here. Map adapted from Wiki Commons. 


Charles Gramlich said...

As if war isn't horrible enough, then you put the lives of soldiers in the hands of incompetent generals.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

It sounds terrible. I cannot even imagine the carnage.