Saturday, January 03, 2015

Twenty Fifteen of the Common Era

Into Year 2015
14 Nivôse CCXXIII

New Year's, a wedding of Space and Time, requires: 

Something Olde
Something New
Something Borrowed
Something Blue . . .
A Sixpence in your Shoe

All such elements are jammed into my newly vamped gym jukebox iPod mix. Before last year lurched into this one, I purposely deleted my entire playlist and began a new one. It was high time.

The new stripped down core-first-round playlist, to be expanded during this year  -- already fondly known as Twenty Fifteen -- goes like this . . . playback is in random order, and sometimes I switch earphones or headphones to highlight different aspects of each track for the benefit of both the other ear and the other side of the mind . . . a good way to keep it fresh, keeping it reel-to-reel.

Open Up Like a French 75 -- drink or artillery, take your pick:

Breaking Glass  (David Bowie)
Chinese Rock (Ramones)
Editions of You (Roxy Music)
Feeling Good (Nina Simone)
Get Up Offa That Thing (James Brown)
I'm a King Bee (Slim Harpo)
The 'In' Crowd (Bryan Ferry)
Lust for Life (Iggy Pop)
See-Line Woman (Nina Simone)
Shake Your Hips (Slim Harpo)
Sound & Vision (David Bowie)
Super Bad, Parts 1 and 2 (James Brown)
Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum (Bob Dylan)
What in the World (David Bowie with Iggy Pop)
You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse)

This stuff works for me. Specifically for the time blocks spent on things like the stationary bike, moon walk or regular treadmill. 

I've picked up a whole new appreciation for "Get Up Offa That Thing" (1976) -- can listen to it, the extended version, dozens of times and hear something new. For now, it's the side track electric funk guitar parts and embedded mutter-rapped words such as "Melvin Parker [on drums] . . . North Carolina . . ."   

2015: The adventure continues . . .

Today's Rune: Initiation. 


Charles Gramlich said...

Some cool stuff in there. I like the idea of it being random as it pops up. You never know what you're gonna get.

t said...

I've never had an i-anything or mac-anything, maybe touched them once or twice and decided, why is this thing not 'normal' like Windows? :) Blasphemy, I know :)

Great courage, hitting reset on your playlist! By 2016, hope I can sneak in a made-in-Nigeria track :) Yes? ;)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Lovely playlist! I particularly covet Slim Harpo's Shake Your Hips. That would get one's booty moving.

I make a new workout CD every few months, to keep myself inspired, and now that I have about 50 of them, I find grabbing an old one feels entirely fresh too.

Here's to some great workouts in 2015!

the walking man said...

Erik, thanks for the mail, the sooner the better!

Just put on Sly Stones extended version of sex machine (constant repeat) and you will funk and jam your way through every work out routine in style.

jodi said...

Erik-Love the new stuff, but I could NEVER delete my stuff! Music surely does make the drudgery of workouts go by!