Thursday, April 02, 2015

Françoise Gilot's 'Life with Picasso' (1964): Take One

Françoise Gilot and Carlton Lake's Life with Picasso (1964), a thoroughly fascinating, well-written and entertaining memoir, serves as a sort of gold standard for this kind of book. Reading it inspires quick resort to the internet for further research about the characters and artworks discussed within. 

Life with Picasso also serves as an inspiring "classroom" and "studio" for further reflection, possibly even action, as in the James Brown song, "Get Up Offa That Thing!"

At the time of this posting, Françoise Gilot is ninety-three years old. Pablo Picasso, who was in his sixties when they became paramours in 1944, died in 1973.

Today's Rune:  Breakthrough.  


Charles Gramlich said...

I know almost nothing about his life

t said...

wow, still alive - THAT is living history.

Erik Donald France said...

Cheers ~!

jodi said...

Erik-Very interesting. A must read for sure!