Monday, July 27, 2015

Venus: A Biography (Part I)

Andrew Dalby's Venus: A Biography (The J. Paul Getty Museum, 2005) really ties the Greco-Roman Gods and Goddesses together. Connects the dots. The names. The cross-cultural fertilization. 

Like the different worldwide Marian avatars of Catholicism, Venus comes in many guises and equivalencies. Inanna (Sumeria), Ishtar (Assyria-Babylonia), Isis and Bastet (Egypt), Aphrodite (Greece), Venus (Rome), Oshun (Yoruba), Rati and Parvati (Hindu), Xochiquetzal (Aztec). There are others.
Dalby provides variations on the myths and tales of Venus and many of the other deities of "The Before Time."  Venus hooks up with Ares (Mars), God of War, and they have three (or more) children: the twin sons Phobos (Fear), Deimos (Dread and Terror) and Harmonia.  Ares takes his boys off to help whip up a bloody good war among the pitiful mortals basically whenever he wishes. 

All stuff good to know, for it's especially relevant to astrology, astronomy, art, architecture, literature, gender studies, area studies, anthropology, psychology, religion, philosophy, history, politics and chaos theory -- among other things.

Today's Rune: Wholeness. 

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Venus and Mars. As ZZ Top would say, "a huh huh huh huh"