Friday, October 23, 2015

Nella Fontaine Binckley (1860-1951) Takes on Wall Street, 1906

I found a few more works by artist and illustrator Nella Fontaine Binckley (1860-1951), granddaughter of artist and draftsman/draughtsman Harvey Mitchell/Michel (1798/1799-1866). These ones date to 1906. The first: '"I once ruined a man in Wall Street," she said.'
These are from Henry Irving Dodge's The Other Mr. Barclay (New York: Consolidated Retail, 1906). '"Will you pay the men for the time they are idle?"'
'"I love you," he was saying'  [. . . as she looked the other away.]

Today's Rune: Wholeness. 


Charles Gramlich said...

that last pic reminds me of my love life in earlier days

the walking man said...

These charcoals are great! I do so love her indifference and her politics so elegantly expressed.

Erik Donald France said...

Cheers, y'all ~! TWM, agreed -- true dat ~ >