Friday, February 12, 2016

Rabelais: The Flying Pig

'From the north, a big, fat, gray pig came flying up, with wings as long and wide as those of a windmill . . . Its eyes were as red and flaming as those of a carbuncle . . . its teeth as yellow as topaz . . .

And the pig wore around its neck a gold collaret . . . and though the weather up to then had been fine and clear, at the coming of this monster it began thundering so strenuously, from the left-hand side, that we were quite astonished.

The Chitterlings as soon as they perceived the apparition threw their arms and clubs to the ground and all fell upon their knees . . . at Pantagruel's command, a retreat was now sounded and all arms ceased.

The monster, having flown back and forth a number of times between the two armies, now cast down more than twenty-seven kegs of mustard, then flew through the air and disappeared, crying incessantly:

"Carnival! Carnival! Carnival!"' 

The Portable Rabelais, Samuel Putnam translation (Viking, 1946). Book Fourth: Pantagreul, pp. 605-606.

Pictured: Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1500-1516, Hieronymus Bosch, São Paulo, Museu de Arte de São Paulo.

And so goes the Battle between Carnivàle and Lent forever more. Is there anything that jumps out at you from the painting attributed to Hieronymus Bosch (ca. 1450-1516)? 

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Charles Gramlich said...

yes, a very early Pink Floyd album! :)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Charles has hit upon the answer, I think!

Saint Anthony didn't stand a chance against all that flying food.