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Interview with Jodi Dale, Co-Author of 'Love is the Drug: A Mother and Son Memoir' (2016)

Jodi Dale & Dane Jacobs, Love is the Drug: A Mother and Son Memoir (2016). The softcover verison, which costs $19.99, with free shipping, can be ordered at An electronic version can be purchased at A Kindle edition is available at

Absolutely riveting book -- wonderful, very frank and absorbing. What follows is an interview on the subject with Jodi Dale.

Q: Can you tell us about the book?

A: Love is the Drug: A Mother and Son Memoir is an account of my son's spiral into depression and then the drug use that eventually took his life. We began the story as a joint effort before he passed but only got four chapters done together. At the advice of my therapist, I finished the book two years after his death. It has proved to be both cathartic and healing for me as well as a way to honor my son.

Q. Has the writing of this book, and interacting with people about it, changed your outlook? 

A: The writing of this book has been such a positive experience for me. Remembering my son and all the love we shared is now captured in a story as well as my heart. 

Since publishing the book, I have done two television interviews, two radio interviews, and have spoken at numerous events and rehabs. People have been extremely receptive to hearing and learning about addiction -- which has turned into a national epidemic -- as well as the frustration of dealing with the mental health treatment options. 

I have found great comfort speaking with addicts as well as their families. The statement that "everybody knows somebody" has proved to be true over and over. There is strength and comfort in numbers. 

I have since been appointed to the board of advisors of Families Against Narcotics, an organization committed to raising awareness for this epidemic. There is much satisfaction in carrying out our original message of helping just one person in their struggle.

Q. What next?

A: I have no other future plans than to keep up with my book readings and stay in contact with the friends I've made. My story seems to be like a pebble that was dropped into a calm pond and the ripples it has spread are keeping me very busy. I will honor and love my son's memory forever -- that's now my job!

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Charles Gramlich said...

Enjoyed this. I have this book but have not read it yet. From roughly 2010 through 2014 I went through a very emotionally trying time. During that period I completely stopped reading any nonfiction work that would evoke emotional trauma for me. I simply could not face it. Things have evened out a bit in the last year or two so perhaps I'll regain that ability. I'll certainly read this book when I feel strong enough to do so.