Thursday, December 15, 2016

Journey to The Presidio of San Sabá (November 2016)

Presidio outer walls
On the weekend before the presidential election in November, I journeyed into the shadowy heart of Texas to see with my own eyes the site of the The Presidio of San Sabá, which was abandoned by its Spanish and Lipán Apache occupants in or around the year 1772. 

It was worth it! The presidio grounds were the most interesting surprise, but along the way I noted pithy place names and tidbits, herewith presented for your consideration and possible amazement.
Silverado Cowboy Church --  Wall clouds -- Shatterbelt hills -- Palo Pinto -- Natty Flat --  Blue Flat -- Panama Road -- Gordon -- Twin Mountain Ranch -- Erath County --  W. K. Gordon Museum -- Thurber ghost town -- Mingus -- New York Hill -- Strawn -- De Leon -- Puddles from rain -- Ranger College -- Foggy -- Cisco -- Cattle -- Assembly of Yaweh -- Gerhardt Farms -- Lutheran cemetery -- Rising Star -- Old downtown and post office -- Men in camo and big cowboy hats -- May, Texas -- Blanket, Texas -- Trees with “grape” clusters -- Large carrion birds -- Early, Texas -- Mall, urban strip -- Brownwood next door --strip mall fiasco -- Hastings Books (shuttered) -- Red Wagon Restaurant -- Large railroad junction -- Payne Union University -- Octoberfest -- 3M Company plant --Kohler plant -- 377-South -- The Slough of Despond --
Looks plundered, blackened stumpy wreckage of trees -- Colorado River -- County line old rusty bridge to side -- Auction white pickup truck hoedown -- Curtis Airfield -- Salon de Reino -- Turtle & Tuttle -- East Sweden cemetery -- Little Onion Creek -- Onion Creek -- Shorn sheep in many fields – all the sheep are shorn -- Rochelle --Brady -- Mr. China -- Hext, Texas --Menard County line -- Monarch butterflies floating over road -- Chapman Draw -- Scalp Creek -- Volkmann Draw -- Celery Creek -- arrival Presidio San Sabá, 1757-1772 (two versions)
The Return -- Celery Creek -- Concho County -- Fuzzy Creek -- Valera -- wrecked train cars (mixers) – half a dozen -- A butte on the road to Santa Ana -- Bangs, Texas.

Today's Rune: Movement. 

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