Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Doug Liman: 'Swingers' (1996)

Doug Liman's Swingers (1996), written by (and co-starring) Jon Favreau. Straightforward, low-key and small budget story about a depressed comedian (Mike, Favreau's character) and a couple of his male friends who try to help him rebound after a breakup. 

Worth seeing mostly to behold Vince Vaughn, Ron Livingston and Heather Graham kicking into gear. (Ron Livingstone currently plays the lead role in Audience's Loudermilk -- second season begins in October). Swingers is set in Los Angeles and Las Vegas with drinking, swing music and dancing as a more immediate backdrop. Matches, anyone?

Lingo from the movie includes: "babies;" "beautiful babies;" "get the digits" (make sure to get her phone number); "it's on" (the game of pitching woo is on); "you're money" (believe in yourself). 

Today's Rune: Breakthrough. 

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