Friday, August 10, 2007

All Evidence to the Contrary

All evidence to the contrary, Phil Spector wants to be known as a kindly man, an artiste with a soft heart rather than a freaky, addle-brained tyrant with a penchant for misogyny. We can't ask Lana Clarkson (sometimes spelled Clarkston) the truth, since she is dead by gunshot to the head -- and we can't really trust what he says, since he's still on trial for causing her demise on the palatial Cali grounds he calls home in the first place.

Ronnie Spector, Phil's ex-wife, has described the man's deranged behavior, certainly. Happy birthday to her, still among the living on the East Coast, far away from Phil's palais penitentiary.

If there is justice in this case -- and if Phil Spector really did do the deed -- perhaps Lana's revenge will be like that of the rattlesnake head that bit a man today -- even though said snake was already dead. (Somehow the head flew up and bit him a la the horror film Reanimator).

The moral of the story is: Even the fallen can be dangerous. Is Lana "Barbarian Queen" Clarkson more like little David or more like overstuffed Goliath? And if she called him David, did he call her Bathsheeba? Was he more Samson in their brief relationship and she more Delilah -- or was it the other way around? (Furthermore, does he have to wear a wig because she cut off his locks, or does he delight in wearing wigs because he adores having his dome redecorated?)

Is the prosecution more like J-LO and less like Jello? Will OJ attend the after-party with MJ? And what ever happened to Robert Blake? Ah yes, he got off. Mystery Man: "Call me. Dial your number. Go ahead."

If Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner gives testimony, will it be on behalf of Spector or Clarkson? Stay tuned for further details . . . and keep an eye out for Patty Hearst.

Ronnie Spector lives!

Today's Rune: Fertility.

Birthdays: Henri Nestlé, William Willett, Herbert Hoover, Jimmy Dean, Eddie Fisher, Ronnie Spector (born Veronica Yvette Bennett), Ian Anderson, Rosanna Arquette, José Antonio Domínguez Banderas, Claudia Christian, Justin Theroux, Angela Michelle Harmon Sehorn.



Johnny Yen said...

It's funny-- I was listening to Little Steven's Underground Garage on Sirius in my car today, and heard it was Ronnie Spector's birthday-- my first thought was "Oh, I'll bet that'll be on Erik's blog today!" And of course, I was right! I enjoy your blog immensely-- a blog that can quote Camus' The Stranger and commemorate Ronnie Spector's birthday is wonderful.

You've probably heard the stories of the Ramones and Leonard Cohen recording with Spector-- Phil waving guns around-- threatening the Ramones when they questioned his decision to add strings to their cover of "Baby, I Love You." He was a train wreck for decades, whose money bought him a lot of second chances.

the walking man said...

I personally am so sick and tired of the media surrounding the rich and famous. man has gun, man kills woman, man gets off because of his boatloads of cash fantasy living come real for the rich and famous.

Reality: man has gun, man kills woman, man gets busted and spends the next 20 years in prison waiting for parole or gets a life no parole sentence or gets the needle after 15 years worth of appeals.



Charles Gramlich said...

Love Ronnie Spector. I remember her even appearing in a Metallica video.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Phil Spector's kooky. Nuttier than a fruit cake. Got money too. Maybe he should fire his hairstylist. Or shoot him. Enough. Enjoy the weekend, Erik!

Lana said...

Anyone w/hair as bad as Spector's has GOT to have a screw loose!