Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Mix: The Population of Mexico

Mexico rides the rails of history as much as any other county, and its closest relationship is with former opponent in war, the USA. Before the Great Recession of 2007-2009 or so, about ten million Mexicans lived in the US legally, and about one million non-Mexicans from the US lived in Mexico legally. These are the biggest groups of expatriates -- by far -- living abroad from both countries, a sort of swap.

Mexico has a more complex relationship with the rest of Latin America, of which it is one of the region's most populous countries, with over 100 million people; Mexico City is the largest city in all of Latin America, with nearly twenty million in its Metro area and nine million in the city itself. More than half the country's residents live in the top fifty urbanized areas of Mexico. But, at least until now, Mexicans by large percentages prefer living in the US over the rest of Latin America and there is some mutual dislike among different Latin American groups.

Mexico has a diverse Amerindian/First Nation population including Maya in the South and smaller tribes displaced by the United States in the North. Maybe ten percent of the population are criollo/Creoles (mostly European) and eighty percent are mestizo -- mixed Indian, European and African. Officially, the preponderance of Mexicans are Catholic.

Today's Runes: Disruption; Possessions.

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JR's Thumbprints said...

I knew this guy from Mexico, got his degree at Oakland University along with his United States citizenship; He worked for a marketing firm for awhile, but grew love sick. He went back to Mexico to be with his sweetheart. Last I'd heard he was a goat farmer.