Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Philadelphia: From the 1992 Campaign

Skimming through the archives, found these artifacts dating to the 1990s. I loved living in Center City Philadelphia -- a wonderful place to directly engage in big things. From the 1992 presidential campaign:

Come hear Governor Clinton
Monday August 10, 1992
1:30 p.m.
Independence Plaza
South Side of Independence Hall
5th and Chestnut

Bill Clinton was -- and is -- a king of charisma. Star power.  We now know there's a downside to that, too.  Doh!

Was given this "VIP" pass by a friend working on the Lynn Yeakel campaign (Yeakel ran a close race against Senator Arlen Specter in '92). Gore was -- and is -- sharp, but obviously he's not Bill Clinton in the easy charm department.

Senator Al Gore RALLY
Wednesday, July 29, 1992
12:00 Noon
JFK Plaza

Background lead-in was an edited version of Stevie Wonder's "Living for the City." Then, he really looked kind of like Christopher Reeve as Superman. 

Finally, here's a test I gave on May 11, 1999.  Evil!  By that time, Bill Clinton was president, and Al Gore VP.  Now, nearly eleven years later, I'd change #3 to: How does war effect the USA? 

Today's Rune: Warrior.


Rick said...

Hey, very cool stuff, Erik. Loved seeing those scanned photos.

pattinase (abbott) said...

I remember seeing them here at the Fox Theater. The world seemed brighter then didn't it. It was very exciting.

the walking man said...

Say of I do your test and ace it will you give me all the credits I need for an associates degree?

Charles Gramlich said...

I've seen Clinton at a distance but never actually met him. I've often wondered how I'd experience that Charisma if I did.

jodi said...

Erik, ALL things look cool when a backdrop of Stevie is being played. Luv that tune. Sat near Stevie at a Pistons game and it was all I could do to not run up and hug him! Clinton? Not so much...

Johnny Yen said...

Saw Clinton speak at a high school graduation in 1983 in Arkansas-- my grandparents, who had retired there, had dragged me to their neighbors' kid's graduation. Best public speaker I've ever seen, hands down. I knew he had a future even then.

May 11, 1999 was my 38th birthday! I'd just married wife #2 ten days earlier.