Tuesday, July 13, 2010

For They Have Sown the Wind

Mexico: Icon of the Revolution Emiliano Zapata (1879-1919), General, Ejército Libertador del Sur / Zapatistas. Co-creator of the Plan de Ayala calling for Reforma, Libertad, Justicia y Ley, a universal call, still appealing a hundred years later. Land is a tricky thing, though -- private property or social space for everyone?  (Photo: US Library of Congress).

Icon of the Revolution: Francisco Pancho Villa (1878-1923), leader of the División del Norte, with staff (Villistas).  Like Zapata, he came to a violent end. (Photo: US Library of Congress).

Icon of Mexican Independence: 200 years ago, Father Hidalgo (Miguel Gregorio Antonio Ignacio Hidalgo y Costilla y Gallaga Mondarte Villaseñor) raised high the banner of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe / Our Lady of Guadalupe and began Mexico's drive for independence from Spain. He was captured, shot and beheaded in 1811, ten years before independence was fully won. 

Today's Rune: Warrior.


Charles Gramlich said...

Gotta love those photos. Man they reveal a time eh?

the walking man said...

Long Live the revolution.

jodi said...

Erik, Ole' I say, and pass the margaritas and nachos!