Sunday, July 25, 2010

Olivier Dahan: La Vie en Rose / La Môme

The actual life of Édith Piaf (12/19/1915-10/11/1963) was so filled with high drama and crazy details that Olivier Dahan's bio-epic La Vie en Rose (2007) leaves out enough to make an entirely new film, particularly the Second World War years and Piaf's relationship with Yves Montand. A lot of ground is covered nonetheless using all sorts of flashback and mashup techniques, so that by the end of this sometimes slow, often intense movie, we do catch plentiful glimpses of Piaf and her world.

Marion Cotillard does powerful work here (she won an Academy Award for her performance) portraying the adult Little Sparrow over a period of nearly thirty years. Gérard Depardieu is very believable as Louis Leplée, the nightclub owner who took her off the streets and gave her a venue for singing. The two are pictured above during their brief heyday working together. Sylvie Testud is also very good as Piaf's longtime friend Simone "Mômone" Berteaut.

Because of its length and variable pacing, this movie lends itself well to home viewing. Just as little Édith is cured of her eye afflictions by Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, for some in the audience, La Vie en Rose may cure insomnia.

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nunya said...

hmmmm. Been eying that one in the Netflix queue for a month now. French movies are good, but I miss so much with eyes glued to the subtitles :(

Anonymous said...
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jodi said...

Erik- that looks interesting. I love the use of that song in the more contemporary movie 'French Kiss'!