Monday, September 27, 2010

Sulaima Hind Interview, Part 2

Erik: Have there been changes in Denmark and Christiania in the past several years?

Sulaima: Absolutely! And sadly mostly to the worse. In the case of Christiania there has been a lot of positive change, since you were here. We have developed very much on the solar and wind energy fields, have earth and water cleaning projects and arrange yearly gatherings of people from around the world who fight to save the environment/climate. But at the same time the government and police are acting as terrorists against us, and we are going through a trial with the government. If we lose it might end up in some kind of war!

In Denmark generally there is also a growing awareness and commitment to positive change in regards of climate problems, but at the same time this country seems more and more racist! And after the Muhammed drawing case its to the point were many Danes who were ashamed of their country.

Erik: Have you visited the USA, and if so, what were your impressions compared to Denmark?

Sulaima: Yes, I was so lucky to get an author travel grant, and went to New York because a magazine there had contacted my publisher (Høst & Søn, now its called Rosinante & Co.) about bringing a chapter from my debut novel Voxeværk. For some reason it never got realized, but I was very happy to visit New York and felt so welcomed there by everybody I met that I always dream about returning some day. One “observation” I had in N.Y. was that most of the people I met asked me “How long have you been here?” That was so nice and made me feel like we are all in this together, most of us some kind of “newcomers” ready to share what we know. In Denmark most people ask the “newcommers,” “Where are you from?” or “Why are you here?”

Years ago I had also been blessed with a lot of travelling. I've been in Ghana (where I was impressed with the happy spirit and attitude, in spite of very hard lives.), and I've been to Russia, White Russia [Belarus] and Poland (here people also were very kind, not so happy, but kind, and most of them poor.) When I returned to my own contry I was embarrassed at how unsatisfied and unfriendly we often behave. . .


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the walking man said...

Sounds like they have a bit of the Finland syndrome going on. Yet at the same time I am pleased that she was treated well as a stranger in strange and when she hit NYC.

Charles Gramlich said...

Travel is certainly broadening to the mind.

nunya said...

I found this audio NPR report fascinating. It explains why there aren't as many problems with Muslims in America as there are in EU. Well, besides the lower percentages of lower socio-economic level Muslims here.

New College Teaches Young American Muslims

JR's Thumbprints said...

The question "How long have you been here?" - depending on what state you're in - could have negative implications. What if it were Arizona and a Mexican had to answer that question?