Tuesday, November 23, 2010

In Praise of Quinoa: Chisaya Mama

Man, I had the best dish of quinoa I've ever had -- well drizzled in juice that I squeezed into it straight from a fresh lime, it had explosions of tastiness! Seriously. By itself, quinoa* is somewhat bland, more or less like some kind of wild rice or couscous, but the lime really made it work. Courtesy of the Spiral Diner, which specializes in making vegan food taste real good (and affordable).

*Widely pronounced keen-wa.

Above photo (a quinoa dish): http://yogaearth.com/blog/quinoa/

Any ancient foods you've come across over the years that surprised you?  Added any to your regular cuisine?  

Today's Rune:  Wholeness. For Spiral Diner & Bakery, see: http://www.spiraldiner.com/


the walking man said...

Just a coney dog kind of guy here dude.

t said...

You're not really vegan, are you? When I'm very hungry I crave more than just veggie-food, though I guess I will learn...eventually.

Erik Donald France said...

WM, no tofu dogs?

T, not a vegan. But it's clearly a healthy lifestyle, and cutting down on meat is a good idea for most people (at least in the USA), I'm fairly certain!

Charles Gramlich said...

That actually looks pretty good.