Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Last Picture Show at 39

Above: Peter Bogdanovich and Jeff Bridges at the Lone Star International Film Festival on November 13, 2010. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. In this segment, these two dudes introduced The Last Picture Show, and came back after, as well. I took this from the fourth row. Loved seeing this film on the big screen for the first time -- even though it was a digital print and visually a little murky in places. The movie itself retains its full power. And culturally, who could ask for more than having two of the participants speaking in person at the screening? As for what they said, I'll have to get to that in a future post. Meanwhile, Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Today's Rune: Journey.


Adorably Dead said...

Happy Thanksgiving! That's awesome you got to see that. I keep forgetting who Jeff Bridges is. I know him only as 'The Dude'. :p I've watched K-PAX about three times now and just realized he's the therapist, lol.

Sidney said...

A brilliant film. Interestingly when this came out in Alexandria, LA, a new, two-screen theater was opening. They had a V.I.P. party/gala to kick off the new enterprise and included a showing of The Last Picture Show.

The D.A. was so offended by the film he walked out, reportedly around the time of the diving board sequence and ordered the film closed.

Later he filed obscenity charges over an issue of Penthouse that included stills from Caligula.

jodi said...

Erik, I loved the book and the movie. Jeff Bridges is the man and I loved early Cybil. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.

Erik Donald France said...

Thanks all for the comments! I've not seen K-PAX, but the new Tron was mentioned at the next session. Sidney, wow, how nutty, given the Peyton Place nature of most small towns. Maybe it hit too close to home for the D.A. Ft. Worth usually shows lame films and had some legal battle way back because of Wild Strawberries. The Citizen, a new indie twin-house, will go up in 2011, a direct alternative to Dallas indies and the Modern. Jodi, same back to ya ;->