Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cosmo Cyborg

In Hot Springs, Arkansas, the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) is showcasing, among other exhibits, Robotic Portraits by Deena des Rioux. As the above exhibition card notes: "Following in the tradition of Man Ray's photo-montage and influences from Dada and the Surreal to science fiction, the artist engages camera and computer to rethink the portrait as a technological subject."

Indeed. How much have we become the Man Machine, the Human Machine? How wired are we?  How much do we utilize advanced technology? Can you imagine the possibilities?

Recently, I've seen the barcode in advanced action at a Korean spa: simply wear a waterproof bracelet with barcode and key, charge whatever you wish on it, and pay at checkout -- via another electronic transaction.

From Google to Wikipedia, from online banking to GPS, we're in for a penny, in for a pound, in for a barcode, in for a scan.  

QR (Quick Response) Codes are already ubiquitous. Traffic, weather, medical records, fees, shopping, food delivery, energy sensors, all of it. Check it out, we're already here.

Back in Hot Springs, the MOCA's program director is very cool and energetic. The museum and its exhibits are on display within The Ozark, a 1922 Spanish Colonial Style structure on Bathhouse Row "repurposed" from its original function to become the MOCA. It's really ideal as an art and related events space, probably much better suited for art than for saunas and baths (as it used to sport from the 1920s through 1977). Here's a link:    

Today's Rune: Gateway.  


the walking man said...

I probably should not comment seeing as I have so much titanium and electronics implanted into me that I'd only be able to say "Yes I am Machine Man."

Charles Gramlich said...

You'd think I'd know better, but being from Arkansas, I'm still surprised there having something like this in Hot Springs. Haven't been there in 15 years, though.