Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pecan Valley Trail

I was surprised at the width of the Clear Fork of the Trinity River -- or Río Trinidad in Spanish, Arkikosa in Caddo -- at this bridge crossing along the Pecan Valley and Oakmont trail southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. Here it looks almost Eastern Woodland. Close my eyes and open them and it's North Carolina in the summertime, maybe the Eno River, another Indian gathering area.

These Texas Longhorns -- akin to Portuguese cattle and dating back quite a little while in borderland history -- are hanging out in a small pasture area near the Pecan Valley trail. On another day, there were more of them, and mixing among them, even foraging together without conflict, was a handful of burros. This scene could have been set in 1712 instead of 2012. I love it -- and so very close to a city, the 16th largest in the USA!

Today's Rune: Journey.  


the walking man said...

16th eh? Oh how the mighty have fallen...the D is now 17th after having at one time been 5th. But we do have burros here too, they just aren't cattle.

Charles Gramlich said...

I liked this post a lot. This is close to the time I used to go to Texas for the Robert E. Howard festival, and though I won't be going this year, this post brings back some of those memories and the landscapes.