Friday, May 25, 2012

In the Valley of the Vapors: The Arlington Hotel

It's historic. It's a time capsule with all mod cons. It's affordable. It's part of Hot Springs National Park in the Valley of the Vapors. It's the kind of "power point" I love. 

Built in 1925, the (third) Arlington Hotel provides a good vista of the downtown historic district -- espeically from this floor, the sixth. Back during Prohibition days, and at the onset of the Great Depression, Al Capone looked out a similar window from the fourth floor. Later, FDR and Harry Truman came to stay. Let's not forget Babe Ruth, Mae West, and later, Bill Clinton. Singers and bands. Comedians. Actors. Writers. Why? It's a power point, a place to experience firsthand to believe. Really.  

The Shining, anyone? The Great Gatsby? Get into the ghostly groove in the Valley of the Vapors -- at the Arlington Hotel.

Today's Rune: Journey.  

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the walking man said...

Valley of the that named after a 19th century woman's illness?

Come out come out wherever you are...Alfonse Capone!