Monday, August 13, 2012

Po' Boy

How much variety is good for the soul? Some people like to have the same thing over and over. Some people have to limit what kinds of things they eat and drink due to dietary or medical factors.

I like a wide variety of just about anything good, with repeat cycles. Though for any number of reasons vegan would be the wisest type of cuisine to stick to, occasionally I go through a Po' Boy cycle. In this case, oyster loaves -- delicious bits of fried oyster on perfect French bread, with garnish. Sam's Southern Eatery & Seafood in Texarkana serves up quite a tasty version of it.

Texarkana is a border city split down the middle by the Texas-Arkansas line. About 37,000 people live on the Texas side and another 30,000 reside on the Arkansas side.  There are different laws and codes for each so when you drive down State Line Avenue, you'll see radically different signs and prices depending on which way you look. Sam's is at 3302 North State Line Avenue (Arkansas), right across from a potato restaurant (Texas). Its postmodern logo shows a half-man, half-shrimp wearing shades and going through the motions of preparing food -- apparently. This image may or may not hearken back to Charlie the Tuna and the early 1960s -- who knows?  What I do know is this: when passing through Texarkana on an empty stomach, I'm heading to Sam's for a Po' Boy sandwich. 

Anywhere for food or drink that you'd do the moral equivalent of "I'd walk a mile for a Camel?" Or would you "rather fight than switch?"

Today's Rune: Joy.

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Adorably Dead said...

Oh wow, for a minute I thought you were joking about it being named Texerkana and it was just some portmanteau you came up with. :p

Hmmm, good food and pomo artwork, I need to take a trip and try this. I've been meaning to try a po'boy anyway, never had one.