Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Wind Cries Mary

Certain symbols bring comfort and peace. When I see a statue of Mary, I see compassion, an understanding of the weight of the world. The "thin" Buddha icon works this way, also. Both combine compassion with a certain amount of detachment. Warm feelings, yet a certain emotional displacement away from the daily troubles of the world.

A note on the above Mary: it's the Our Lady Of Grace Shrine on an elevated corner by St. Mary's Catholic Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Over the years, I've seen some of her fingers broken off and later repaired -- which may be why the hands look so out of scale upon closer observation. The strange atmospheric aura of the Valley of the Vapors causes the surrounding bricks to molt and in places crumble, enhancing the eerie beauty of the place. 

What statues, signs, symbols or places bring you comfort?  Or the reverse? 

Today's Rune: Joy.    


Adorably Dead said...

This sounds kind of weird, but playgrounds or parks bring me a sense of calmness. Same with beaches. I love beaches.

jodi said...

Erik, you are right! The poor Doll DOES have man hands!