Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Rolling Stones -- Crossfire Hurricane

I'd intended to record The Rolling Stones -- Crossfire Hurricane, a new documentary directed by Brett Morgen, and I did. But while doing so, I also found myself drawn into it immediately, no saving it all for later. Indeed, I found it so mesmerizing that I ended up watching the whole thing straight through.

If you're a Stones fan, go all in! The "archival" footage is worth the whole shebang. But wait, there's more: the now older and wiser bluesmen/rock stars comment about various and sundry aspects of the band's arc along the way, in a refreshing manner (sans talking heads, sticking mostly to action footage and high-intensity music with only their ghostly voices in the background). 

In Crossfire Hurricane, we don't hear about Marianne Faithfull, Anita Pallenberg or various others of cultural import in the 1960s, although their are certainly visual clues of their spectral presence. Rather, the documentary focuses on the main dudes of the band, set within the context of changing times. Overall it's raucous, raunchy, and riveting. I was delighted. Can you dig?

Today's Rune: Signals.


jodi said...

Erik, Saw the Stones at the superbowl a few years ago. They looked like and sounded like the classics that they are. I love early stuff, Brown Sugar, Honkey Tonk Woman, and Angie!!!

Charles Gramlich said...

I've been a Stones fan a long time so this definitely is right down my alley.