Thursday, January 17, 2013

Domingo Martinez: The Boy Kings of Texas (Part 3)

From The Boy Kings of Texas: A Memoir by Domingo Martinez  (Lyons Press, 2012):

"Texas . . . is a semiotic thinderbolt, can answer any cocktail party question about the superconscious power of symbols and signifiers across the widest cultural divides."

It has an "easily identifiable image."

"The word Texas itself draws infinite responses from people the world around . . . I won't pretend to defend it in the least -- most everything reported about it that is negative is terribly accurate, but . . . if you haven't lived there, then you couldn't have met the Molly Ivinses, the Ann Richardses, the Old 97s . . . and Buddy Hollys."

(Boy Kings, pages 321-322).

Who am I to disagree with this assessment? Putting aside the more chilling aspects of this vast place, I've been lucky enough to meet a lot of cool people here, or from here.

Today's Rune: Movement.

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