Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Straight Outta the Mouth of Texas: One More Time for the Cheap Seats

I. "RP," the current long-running governor of this bizarre Interzone had this to say today:

“There is evil prowling in the world -- it shows up in our movies, video games and online fascinations, and finds its way into vulnerable hearts and minds. As a free people, let us choose what kind of people we will be. Laws, the only redoubt of secularism, will not suffice. Let us all return to our places of worship and pray for help. Above all, let us pray for our children."

Here's my "shot" at unspooling the heady thought processes of this cowboy -- only months after he lost to another man who in turn lost to Barack Obama last November in the US presidential elections:

1) Evil flows around and into people.
2) There is an invitation to choose our choices.
3) Laws are insufficient.*
4) There is a suggestion to go off to pray for help.
5) Pray for "our children."

*Apparently some sort of strange non-religious people depend on laws to help society function with some semblance of sanity.

“In fact, the piling on by the political left, and their cohorts in the media, to use the massacre of little children to advance a pre-existing political agenda that would not have saved those children, disgusts me, personally. The second amendment to the Constitution is a basic right of free people and cannot be nor will it be abridged by the executive power of this or any other president.”

6) Apparently some non-religious political enemies are acting badly, backed by "their cohorts in the media."
7) The kids at Newtown would have died anyway.
8) His political enemies disgust him, apparently more than any little gun violence at Newtown.
9)  The right to bear arms is "a basic right" -- but it's underlined through Constitutional Law, isn't it? Yet in #3 above he stated that laws are not enough, etc.  
10) Suggesting, perhaps, that the right to carry rifles and handguns is a Divine One.**
11) US president bad. Him good. 

**Go back to your Bible, folks. There's got to be a passage in there somewhere showing that Jesus wants all good Christian Texans to have a stockpile of firearms!  Like David Koresh and the Branch Davidians, right?  Forget all the jive about turning the other cheek this and thou shalt not kill that. It's all about the basic right of a free Texas people, and they'll damn well shoot if they want to. Yes, indeed, it's their Interzone and they'll shoot if they want to.

Hey, man: why have laws at all? Let's just resort to "Frontier Justice" like the good ole days. Stand yer ground, boys! Heehaw!

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Charles Gramlich said...

A praying man with some true Christianity in him might pray that our children be protected from the self-righteous hypocrisy of folks like this politician, the people who put pride, party and lining their own pockets above Children and God, the people who care nothing for the lost lives of dead children because they can no longer vote.