Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sábado: There Are Many Days But They Are Not All Saturdays

Why are some days better than others? Or are they? I mean structurally. Embedded. Calendar. Organization. Train time. Military time. Factory Time. School time. Electricity. No sleeping bear hybernation time. Now get out and plant the corn time. Bring home the bacon -- or haul in the tofu. Greens.   

Saturday. Sábado. Larunbata. Unadodawidena. Saturn's Day. Samstag. Shabes. Thứ bảy. Aso Ono. Lördag. Sanivār. Samstag. Samedi.

Only way? Outside the day. The calendar. The name. The concept. The function.

Sabbath for some, habit, roaming, exploration relaxation. A walk in the park. Saturday Night's just all right for Feverish Fighting and Foolishness. Fun, Freedom Food Forward. Fallback. Spring Forward. Sleep in. Sleep on. Tune In, Turn Out. Saturdays. Yeah. 

Today's Rune: Wholeness.        

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