Friday, January 25, 2013

When Days Are Nights and Nights Are Days

Daze. Daisy. Days. Sometimes I think of the meaning of the names of days, the matrix, the rubric, the layout, the program. Other times I have to consult a calendar, a digital mobile phone, cellphone, another person. What day is it? What month is it? What year is it? What century? What planet-world-life?

What's your favorite day, least favorite? Are there such things? Cycles, sleep, dream, awaken, repeat, maybe a catnap or daydream, mesmerize-hypnotize-lullaby white noise.

My favorite days depend on my work schedule. What does that say?

Hence, Mondays are usually the least enjoyable, at the outset, better by nightfall. Saturdays are pretty groovy, almost always, unless recovering from a hard week's work, or anticipating one in the next go round. Paydays good. Thumbs up. V-sign for Victory and Peace. Holidays good. Yes, I mean it. So true. How 'bout you?

Today's Rune: Joy.   

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Johnny Yen said...

Working a weird nurse's schedule, my favorite days vary. Sometimes it is a Monday-- especially if I have a Tuesday off; I might go out for a drink, and enjoy sitting in one of my favorite places that I hardly ever get out to due to my schedule (lots of overtime!) and get to enjoy more because it's not "amateur night" (Friday or Saturday). BTW, when I was a teacher and my own children were younger, I loved Eric Carle's work.