Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Archaeology of Home

Katharine Greider's The Archaeology of Home: An Epic Set on a Thousand Square Feet of the Lower East Side (2011) is going to serve as a writing prompt. In her book, she researches the history of an address, a house, its inhabitants and changes through and over time. Her writing is driven by two things that I strongly advocate: curiosity and contemplation. Why not add, as she also does, research, gathering facts, attempting interpretations and seeking universals while we're at it?

Now, dear reader, take your living space. Is it newer, older, in between? Where is it situated? How is it situated? What remains from before your time? Is there stuff you carried in with you, old family artifacts and treasures? How about the exterior, yard, interior furnishings, street facings, street names, walkways, trees, brickworks, stones, coal bins, basement, attic, breezeway, outbuildings, anything at all?

Go back in time with this abode space. Ten years. A hundred years. A thousand years. A million years. A billion years. That should provide plenty of variables to work with. Now, go to town with it. Whatya got?

Today's Rune: Signals.  

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jodi said...

Erik, we have a tiny beach house that has built-ins to make it more space effifient. I can clean the whole thing in less than an hour. It is comfortable and the view is fantastic. I think I like 'living small'.