Wednesday, March 13, 2013

White Smoke, New Pope: And Along Comes Francis

Where were you when Pope Francis was chosen?  As for me, it's Hot Springs, Arkansas, at the Arlington Hotel, watching on CNN. He seems like a good choice, with Saint Francis as earthly model: San Francesco d'Assisi (circa 1181-1226). Our new Francis is a Sagittarius, which means he probably has a wild streak; things will happen with him in charge of the Roman Catholic Church. Saint Francis was a reformer, close to having been declared a heretic but instead, kept in the fold. Defender of the poor, friend of the birds.  Now, Pope Franciscus of Argentina.

What a year, this 2013 A.D., what an epoch -- in the midst of climate change, social reform, start of a second term for Barack Obama, retired pope (Benedict XVI), death of Hugo Chávez, election of Pope Francis I, 50th anniversary year of the death of JFK. And it's only March! What next?

Today's Rune: Wholeness.       


jodi said...

Erik, I was watching HLN, keeping update on the Jodi Arias case as well as the papal decision. Quite the polar opposite stories!

Evan said...

Weirdly enough, I was on a Metrobus on my way back from the Pentagon to my office. I was in the company of a fellow who is the son of an Episcopal minister but now attends mass at a Catholic Church - even though he has no intention of converting. We had an interesting conversation about it.