Monday, July 22, 2013

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan, Ann Biderman's new series, began recently on Showtime. So far, excellent work. It's sort of like The Departed meets Dostoyevsky,* The Sopranos meets The Brothers Karamazov -- with a dash of Entourage and Californication on the side.

Ray Donovan (Liev Schreiber) is the badass protagonist and generally laconic "fixer" holding it all together; Mickey Donovan is his creepy but resilient father (Jon Voight) and main antagonist.

It's fun to watch how the ramshackle Donovan family system is revealed through various actions, pictures and flashbacks, bringing constant reminders of Boston to the West Coast. Very entertaining. 

Today's Rune: Movement.  *(or Dostoevsky, if you prefer).       

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