Sunday, December 31, 2017

Stones River: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

A couple of months ago, I walked across parts of the Stones Rivers battlefield in the vicinity of Murfreesboro, Tennessee with my brother and two of the lads. I'd been here before, and so had our father. This sketch map was from a trip he took in April, 1999, with the Army of the Cussewago. His inscription in blue notes one of the first positions where our direct ancestor Samuel France served with the 31st Indiana Infantry Regiment at the battle, which lasted from December 31, 1862, through January 2, 1863. Sam was wounded twice -- "slightly," official reports indicate.
Confederate forces attacked across this field, starting on the morning of December 31, 1862. They were held off, but it was a tough fight, with high casualties on both sides. 
The Stones River National Cemetery, right on the battlefield, with the remains of more than 6,000 Federal soldiers. The Battle of Stones River / Murfreesboro resulted in nearly 25,000 casualties over a three-day period.  
Hazen's Brigade monument enclosure in the gloaming, dating to 1863-1864 -- making it one of the first permanent battlefield memorials of the American Civil War.

For many reasons sacred and profane, the Stones River National Battlefield is worthy of pilgrimage.  

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the walking man said...

Thanks Erik may you keep on striving to inform us. Hace a good day ahead and may them that follow mirror it.

Charles Gramlich said...

I've toured several Civil War battlefields. They always bring me to sadness