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Federico García Lorca, 'Poet in Spain' (2017): Part II

The center of Granada, Spain: Plaza de la Trinidad, summer of 2015
Continuing with Sarah Arvio's new Spanish-to-English translations in the bilingual Federico García Lorca, Poet in Spain (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 2017). Part I can be found by this link.

From "Falseta:"

"Gente con el corazón / en la cabeza,"    (page 150)

"Folks with their hearts / in their heads" (page 151)

From "San Miguel / Granada:"

"Vienen manolas comiendo / semillas de girasloes, 
los culos grandes y ocultos / como planetas de cobre." (page 210)

"Flashy gals from Madrid / munch flower seeds
their big secret rumps / like coppery planets"   (page 211)

[Nota bene: "culos" = "asses"].

From "San Rafael / Córdoba:"

"vendedores de tabaco / huyen por el  roto muro."    (page 212)

"All the tobacco hawkers / flee through the broken wall" (page 213)

From "El poeta pide a su amor que le escriba" / "The Poet Asks His Love to Write to Him:"

"Corazón interior no necesita / la miel helada que la luna vierte." (page 338)

"An inner heart does not need / the icy honey spilled by the moon (page 339)

I also dig Arvio's translation of Lorca's play, Bodas de sangre / Blood Wedding (1932) which helped me better grok the Moon (pages 452-453) and the "Mendiga / Beggar" (pages 454+).

Repeating from Part I about this book: Fun and fascinating in the sun, under the moon or even by electric light, it is. 

Today's Rune: Protection.

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