Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Eve of the Ides of May

I saw this prophetic-looking man in Greektown last year, gazing at the heavens and holding a Dianetics book. Not sure if he represents the vanguard of the Church of Scientology in Detroit, but hey -- this is my 1001st post, so . . . . . oorah!

Hopefully the Ides of May tomorrow will be better than the Eve of the Ides of May today.

Good news includes John Edwards endorsing Barack Obama in Michigan today, and last night, the Pistons winning even with Chauncey Billups recuperating on the sidelines.

Today's Rune: Disruption.


the walking man said...

1001, heeyoiyo! Yea I just made that word up to commemorate your prolific posting.

I used to see that man in the Greektown area 20+ years ago when working on steam pipes over there. It would appear that Dianetics haven't improved for him.

Woo Hoo mid-month!

No comment, no comment and, no comment. Two words every politician should learn and abide by.


Charles Gramlich said...

one man's prophet is another man's schizophrenic.

Congrats on your lengthy posting history.