Monday, November 05, 2012

Had A Dream Last Night

I. I had a dream last Saturday night. Really it was early Sunday, after the time change, when the clocks rolled forward two hours. And it was one of several dreams, no doubt, but the clearest of them all, a particular one that stuck in mind.

I dreamt about a poem. Each word was formed with large letters. Each word was perched on top of its own boldly colored folder. Each folder contained corresponding words in many languages and alternate words in all languages. This was quite visual, though how the actual poem read I could not tell you.

II. I seem to remember dreams more vividly after watching films in other languages. Have you ever tried it? Has this happened to you?

III. The Godard film Notre Musique had a direct imagist impact on "the poem" dream. Or put another way, certain apsects of the film seem to have inspired its main elements.

In Notre Musique, there is a tracking shot of several international multilingual newspapers stacked in tidy, uniform piles, for instance. And various people speak in various languages, some that are subtitled and some that are not.

In sum, these languages range from ones I'm somewhat familiar with to ones I have no clue about, ones meaning about as much to me in their incomprehensibility as speaking in tongues. French, English and Spanish in one ear, Hebrew, Arabic and Serbo-Croatian in the other. Many texts crossing my field of vision in blinks of an eye. 

And there you have it: vivid dream, demanding and strange dream source. The mind-imagination at work, creating and recreating patterns. 

Today's Rune: Ferility.


jodi said...

Erik-I dream in other languages too. Usually they start something like this Javier Bardem...Javier Bardem... tee hee, you get the picture!

Charles Gramlich said...

Dream sleep increases when you learn new things, which might explain why it goes up when you watch foreign films.

Adorably Dead said...

Interesting, I might have to actually pay attention to my dreams after watching something subtitled one day.

I think the only languages I can remember dreaming in is french and sign language.