Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Mix: Population of Canada

I proposed a Canadian Studies class several years back, but it was voted down by Michigan students in favor of Latin American Studies and another class. I find them equally interesting to US history, regardless, and everything more compelling from an international perspective.

Canada has a population of about thirty-four million people (California has more by a few million). Of this, about 16-17% are "visible minorities" (a specific Canadian census term). In and around Toronto (which has a metro population of more than five million people), some 50% are visible minorities, making Toronto Canada's most diverse international class city.

Besides Anglo and French populations that go back as far as the 17th century, there's a First Nation and Métis (compare with the mestizo category in Mexico) population that goes back way beyond that; and many newer immigrant groups besides, from all over the rest of the world. Canada's biggest religious affiliations? Catholic (43%) and No Religion (16.5%).

The Québécois francophone population bloc in Canada numbers about six million people -- a strong and enduring cultural survival of Nouvelle-France, even after the British won the Seven Years War in 1763. French elements also persist in Louisiana, upper New England, and in a more indirect way (through street, place, family and product names), in Detroit.

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Charles Gramlich said...

So amazing how sparsley populated Canada is. Makes me want to move there, but Lana doesn't like the cold anymore.

Johnny Yen said...

As you probably know, many of the people of French ancestry in Acadia ended up being forced out-- many moved to Louisiana, and "Acadians" ended up as "Cajuns." They've asserted a lot of influence. Louisiana is the only state that has law based on Napoleonic code rather than English Common Law, and have Parishes rather than counties.

Adorably Dead said...

Woot, America's Funny Top Hat! That's where my Jeremy is from. ^_^ said...

My opinion only, but Canada is a vast and beautiful country with bad masters. The Brits gave it to us gratis in 1867. What a gift, from sea to sea to shining sea! But the bad stewards want to sell it. All of it.
Said Jon Stewart, Canada has more oil than Iraq...Why in hell aren't we invading them?"
Don't have to. You got first dibs on most of it and the Chinese are not far behind.
What a waste of a culture that is nearly 400 years old, if you count John Cabot. And the Japanese and Eruopeans have overfished the cod to the point where there are now hardly any left, and local Newfoundladers are forbidden to fish for cod for the table.
Sold our birthright for a mess of pottage.
My opinion only, but O Canada.

Lana Gramlich said...

I was surprised to learn a few years back that Toronto has the largest Italian population outside of Italy, myself.