Friday, October 28, 2011

Cuisine and Design

Restaurant work is hard. Long-term success in the business is challenging, even grueling. What makes a place work?

Depends on the clientele, I suppose. The audience. Building, keeping, inspiring, pleasing.

I'll give just about anything a try. However, cost does come into play, and there's a balance, tradeoffs, to consider. 

I prefer supporting places that deliver something extraordinary.

Spiral Diner creates the best vegan meals in Fort Worth; the atmosphere is informal.

Several Vietnamese places have opened in this area just in the past year or two: the ones that match ambience, quality of food and reasonable pricing are added to the repeat mix.

What brings you back to certain places and not others? 

Today's Rune: Journey. 


jodi said...

Erik, for me it has to be a combination of quality, service and atmosphere. However, I will eat at a dump if the food is good. We have favorite places that we go to again and again!

Erik Donald France said...

Sounds right to me, Jodi -- cheers ~~!