Sunday, October 16, 2011

Living in the Round: The Ger / The Yurt

The Mongolian-style ger (known in other realms as a yurt) seems ideal as a writer's retreat. I could dig this for certain intervals. 

Though claustrophobia might set in for longer-term dwelling, it's a real cool design concept, adaptable in urban centers, as well. Ulan Bator, Mongolia's capital of over one million people (about a third of the country's entire population, maybe more), has tens of thousands of gers in and around its environs.

As climate changes kick in big time, it's certainly worth pondering various flexible and global design approaches adaptable to different, malleable settings.

Interior spaces can be colorful, ornate, intricate, simple, beautiful, crude, whatever one prefers or whatever one can bring. Same for dressing the interior walls. I think it's interesting how colorful they can be -- the human touch.

Simple interior -- 21st century style.

One of the coolest places I remember sojourning at was in a little cabin in a redwood forest, years ago. Staying in a ger like this in the right setting would be just as fine, I'm guessing.

Today's Rune: Partnership.


Charles Gramlich said...

It would be fun to write in one for a while. see what occurs to your imagination. said...

I'm not yet abandoning my Wikiup. :)

Adorably Dead said...

Very neat. An ex of mine once had an idea to build a house out of a series of yurts connected by hallways. It sounded neat at the time.